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The WorkPlace Program (WPP) benefits the entire community on a person-to-person basis. Skills are built through socializing, role-modeling and support.


It's not just training for a trade, it's training for life. Activities may include manufacturing, sales, marketing, and computer-aided design while advancing social skill building, interpersonal relations, positive role modeling and peer support among others.


Through physical activities the body and mind improve. Such activities may include muscle strengthening, aerobic exercises and general cardio.

Our Services

Admission criteria for the WorkPlace Program includes the presence of a limiting disability and a prognosis for participating in activities in a group setting and the presence of support for the program.

Initial evaluation procedures are completed by professional level rehabilitation staff in conjunction with paraprofessional staff and job coaches utilizing real work materials. Assessment procedures are multidimensional and address a number of factors that may affect performance within cognitive, psychosocial, behavioral and physical domains. Areas of strengths and weaknesses are identified. The program is structured, but allows for choices that help preserve dignity and promote independence.

For persons admitted to the program, a plan is generated and participants receive services including monitoring, training and supportive interventions. During active phases of the program, staff work with participants to supportively address problem areas or weaknesses and build on strengths. Reports regarding participation and progress are generated at regular intervals and as requested. Persons may participate in evaluation, training, work-hardening, or supported employment components of the program. Outplacement, job development and following-up services are also available.

The WorkPlace program is committed to helping clients reach higher rehabilitation potentials in a nurturing environment.

In addition to the Vocational Program, additional or supplemental services are available including Social/Recreational sessions and Physical Conditioning sessions which help participants ready themselves for important aspects of reintegration.

Persons may participate in the programs on a part-time basis or full-time basis.

The WorkPlace strives to help achieve a balance between mind, body and spirit through productive activities in a supportive atmosphere.