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We have years of experience to help in a therapeautic work setting.


On a daily basis, we strive for progress with individually developed plans and attention.


We are helping hands into a better tomorrow.

About The MNS

The Michigan Neuropsychological Society is a private nonprofit started in 1995. We provide continuing education, prevention and support services for persons with neurological and other conditions. We also provide services for family members and those working with them. We value quality of life. In an effort to fulfill our commitment to improving quality of life, the MNS developed The WorkPlace Program.

The WorkPlace Program is designed as a therapeutic work type setting that was initially established as a federally certified work center. We provide community reintegration services within vocational, social-recreational and physical conditioning spheres. Our programs are individually developed using behavioral approaches and positive reinforcement to facilitate progress in the rehabilitation process.

We value empowering personal growth through developing self-worth, skill building and a real-world approach to rehabilitation and community reintegration. Understanding and respecting the special needs of each individual is essential to tailoring a rehabilitation plan that produces positive results. At every stage, The WorkPlace Program is a participant in the cultivation of personal milestones and ultimately, quality of life.

We have a diverse board and advisory board including those in industry, family members of survivors of catastrophic conditions, medical professionals and others who contribute to the organization. Within the field of rehabilitation, the WorkPlace utilizes services from Dr.Bradley G. Sewick, PhD (Licensed Psychologist and Board Certified Neuropsychologist) and Spectrum Rehabilitation Centers (SRC), Inc and others. SRC has been an Approved Vocational Rehabilitation Facility by the State of Michigan Department of Energy, Labor and Economic Growth since 1992 to provide comprehensive vocational rehabilitation services including assessment, counseling, guidance, retraining support, placement and accommodation assistance. Dr. Sewick and his staff have decades of experience in working with persons with disabilities facing employment and other challenges. The WorkPlace interacts with medical providers, families, governmental institutions, municipalities and others to provide bridge building to the community as may be possible.